Cost Of Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo Flooring - 2015

July 15, 2015 - Though bamboo is actually part of the grass family, modern technology is able to process it in a way that it is just as strong and looks just as beautiful as any hardwood. Best of all it saves our hardwoods and is economically priced. Here is some good information on bamboo flooring in general as well as the cost of bamboo flooring.

Cost of Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring has over the years emerged as one of the most popular flooring styles in numerous nations. Bamboo flooring has been used over the years to make furniture, as well as other home accessories. The origin of bamboo flooring may be slightly hazy, but signs point towards the Pacific East Asia countries. Bamboo flooring in particular is popular due to its durability an eco-friendliness. Moreover, the cost of bamboo flooring is quite reasonable. As most homeowners tend to be quite concerned on the cost of flooring, it is best if we examine the various aspects or factors which determine the cost of bamboo flooring.

The constant availability of bamboo trees plays a large part in the rather low cost of bamboo flooring. Bamboo, unlike other hardwood trees, grows quite quickly and does not take as much time to reforest as seen with other hardwood trees. Thus, there is a steady supply of bamboo resources to be used in the manufacture of flooring material.

Bamboo flooring is also quite easy to maintain. Unlike other other flooring options such as pine or vinyl, bamboo tends to be extremely durable. Most people, when selecting flooring material, tend to consider whether or not the floor can handle high traffic and the elements. Bamboo flooring has proven to be capable of meeting and exceeding these requirements. Moreover, it requires less refinishing procedures than other popular flooring materials. This helps to keep the cost of bamboo flooring at price anyone can afford.

Bamboo flooring features easy installation. Even the average homeowner may be able to do the flooring work in their own house without having to engage a contractor for the purpose. A common method chosen by most home-owners is the alluring floating floor technique. This is an adhesive method that only requires the homeowner to connect the sections of bamboo flooring together to achieve the required floor. While some may recommend a professional, this technique helps to make the bamboo flooring process achievable to the average person. Since this cuts out the labor cost it makes the overall price of bamboo flooring very attractive.

Bamboo flooring is popular, not only for its ease of installation and availability, but also due to its style. When it comes to style, bamboo flooring has it all. Bamboo trees grow in different hues and colors. Thus, anyone can find a style to match their intended décor. For instance, typical bamboo from North America may be quite light almost white when finished. In contrast, the bamboo flooring material from North East Asia is more tinted and has an alluring dark color.

The cost of bamboo flooring can be lowered by choosing an economical finish. There are three main types of finishes, each with their own cost. These are the high gloss finish, matte finish as well as semi-gloss finish. The average cost of bamboo flooring ranges from about $2 - $3 per square foot. This is very economical when compared to the cost of hardwood flooring

Bamboo features several unique characteristics, all of which aid in its popularity. One of the most notable characteristics would have to be its adaptability. Bamboo as a flooring option is quite adaptable to various situations. First, it is less temperature sensitive than other popular flooring options. Bamboo can be used in all climates while other flooring materials may be limited to a particular climate or temperature range. Moreover, it requires less sub-floor preparation. This enables it to be laid on a variety of different surfaces.

These factors, as well as a host of others such as durability and material handling, all influence the cost of bamboo flooring. When calculating the cost of the flooring, contractors and homeowners have to consider the grade of bamboo used, the quality of the finish, the actual bamboo percentage as well as the form of installation. The cost of bamboo flooring can vary considerably depending on these factors. However, it still remains quite affordable compared to other flooring options.

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